The Oran Park Smart Work Hub is set to open next month and a recent information session gave an insight into what people could expect from the facility.

Caroline McLaren, principal of CoActiv8, which will manage the hub, said the session was a huge success.

It gave prospective work hub users the opportunity to air any concerns or suggestions.

“Some of the concerns raised involved confidentiality and work sensitivity,” she said.

“We’ve got quiet booths and plenty of security and privacy for those that need it, which helped to allay their concerns.”

Ellis Lane resident Damien Quinell, who attended the session, said the Work Hub would not only be great for him personally — saving him three hours a day in travel time — but also for the Oran Park community.

“People will duck out in their lunch break and get their food, their shopping, dry-cleaning,” he said.

“One hundred extra people a day getting their coffees and lunches will be such a lift to the economy.”

Ms McLaren said a large portion of the session was dedicated to discussing the informal area of the work hub.

“We discussed lounges and couches and a kitchen table and what people might want to use in their breaks.””The feedback we received was positive regarding the informal environment,” she said.

Mr Quinell said he planned to use the hub three times a week.

“Obviously the reduction in commuting is massive.

“I’ll be getting more sleep by leaving later, which will of course make me more productive.

“It’s a win for everyone.”

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