The Oran Park Smart Work Hub offers a modern workspace and professional network for locals at Oran Park Town. It’s an opportunity to swap the commute to work closer to home, or to connect with others growing businesses in the region. A Smart Work Hub offers all the conveniences of a modern office – high speed internet, meeting rooms, videoconferencing facilities, informal lounges and quiet booths – but in close proximity to home. It is a shared workspace with others from small businesses, government and corporate organisations utilising the facilities. We offer flexible all-inclusive membership packages. There are no “hidden costs” with memberships. Sign up for a FREE TRIAL DAY here

Sign up for a FREE TRIAL DAY here

Commuters and employers both benefit from utilising the Smart Work Hub in a number of ways.


  • Better Infrastructure: The Smart Work Hub offers commercial office facilities 
  • Social Inclusion: Working from home can result in social isolation
  • Greater Life Satisfaction:  Reducing weekly commutes is shown to improve life satisfaction
  • Higher Personal Productivity: Working remotely has been shown to boost productivity
  • Improved Mental Health: Avoiding peak period commutes can reduce anxiety
  • Financial Savings: By swapping or reducing the commute, there are financial savings
  • More Time: By reducing the weekly commute, individuals have more time to do the things they love


  • Mitigation of WHS Concerns: Unlike home, Smart Work Hubs provide a safe and ergonomic environment
  • Reduced Workspace Costs: Employers can save by reducing expensive centralized real estate costs
  • Increased Engagement and Retention: The ability to work remotely is key to many employees workplace satisfaction
  • Increased Productivity: Remote workers have been shown to be more productive than in-office workers 
  • More Productive Time: Often the time commuters save commuting is spent working
  • Increased Professionalism: The workspace encourages professional activities 


  • High speed wireless internet throughout.
  • Printing, copying and scanning facilities available.
  • Informal meeting area for casual conversations and meetings.
  • Complimentary access to 5 technology-enabled meeting rooms.
  • Access to 3 quiet booths for individual focused work and phone calls.
  • Regular networking and learning opportunities for members and their guests.
  • Event space for up to 40 people available for hire for professional events.
  • Close to other amenities, including supermarkets, gyms, and banking facilities.
  • Over 500 free parking spots close by.
  • Kilometres of running and riding tracks around Oran Park and the surrounding areas.
  • Showers and bike racks available on site.